Friday, March 11, 2016

036 - "Feedback" by Derek Webb

Upfront I'd like to say that I've tried to avoid "Feedback" by Derek Webb since its release in 2011. The reason being I was worried that it just wouldn't cut it for me ... billed, as it was, an instrumental, electronic music recording, classically composed into three movements, based strictly on the structure and content of the Lord's Prayer from the Gospel of St Matthew.

I love instrumental electronic music, it's part of my life with weareallghosts and all, and I knew there was a real possibility that I would be disappointed with something a musician, whose regular haunts were more folky rock, had tried to make.

On Saturday (27th February) I picked up "Feedback" for next-to-nothing in a sale, I figured this would soften the blow AND inspire me to listen - I was, afterall, invested.

I am pleased to say I was not disappointed!

"Feedback" is a wonderfully deep recording, an utterly engaging wall of indietronic sound that captivates me. It isn't perfect, by no means, but it certainly exceeds my expectations in a way that justifies my ownership. I will come back to this album for repeated listens, mainly due to the cinematic nature of the recording. In fact, I've listened to it three times today (Wednesday, 3rd March) already.

Whilst I don't immediately see the direct connection between the Lord's Prayer and the work presented, it does feel like a soundtrack. It has that kind of vibe and, like a great soundtrack, the more I listen to it, the more I get from it. That said, the field recordings don't add anything & actually take you out of the album.

It has challenged my prejudice against Christian music. "Feedback" doesn't sound like anything else, it's uniquely it's own thing ... which is remarkable considering the focus given to "sounds like" when describing Christian music. I want authentically original music and "Feedback" is one such album.

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