Wednesday, March 9, 2016

035 - "Dark Sky Island" by Enya

"Dark Sky Island" by Enya was a pleasant addition to my collection when it was released recently, one that features the delightfully soothing combination of vocals and instrumentation that Enya is famous for.

Now ... this isn't for everyone ... but, then again, it's probably "for" more people than they will readily admit: everyone needs a lullaby to help them relax and I consider Enya's work on "Dark Sky Island" to be fit for this purpose. You won't be caught dancing like a loon in your kitchen with this in your ears but will, quite easily, be found sprawled on the sofa coming down after a hard day to Enya's particular style of atmospheric ambience.

"Dark Sky Island" isn't wildly different from Enya's previous music, there is no "Kid A" experimentation here ... what you have, instead, is consistency: Enya has her sound and she is, as she should be, adept.

I do believe if Enya were to have released her music on 4AD and was more minor key then major ... she'd be better thought of than she is. But she makes what she makes and I, for one, dig it.

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