Monday, March 7, 2016

034 - "Teleó" by Tundra Vole

"Teleó" by Tundra Vole came out of the blue and blew me away. I never quite know what to expect from the multi-instrumentalist Chris de Souza who records under the name of Tundra Vole but would be willing to put "Teleó" up there with his best.

Now ... I have to say I'm not a big fan of processed vocoder vocals ... they are a novelty to me. However, they do work on this album, at times they add to the feeling of otherworldliness that is conveyed by the synths, deep bass, progressive rhythms & movement within the album.

That said ... I am a huge fan of ethereal vocals and "Teleó" features a couple of tracks with the most heavenly of soloists getting their Enya on. Laura Howald's vocals on "aischuné" are divine, accompanied as they are by solo piano, atmospheric ambience ... and eventually bass and drums. There is so much feeling concentrated in this track, it is gorgeous.

My only criticism of "Teleó" is the sequencing of the tracks: we are taken on a journey that moves between uptempo electronica to soulful ambience to vocoder-driven pop and back. It is a delightful journey but one than can jar ... the soulful uptempo mastery of "Tetelestai" that comes after the rather uneventful "brother's keeper (ghost town)" demonstrates this journey.

All in. "Teleó" is well worth your attention.

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