Saturday, March 5, 2016

033 - "What Went Down" by Foals

Foals are a band I enjoy when I'm looking for a kick ... their particular version of dancefloor-friendly form of indie rock is loud, upbeat and articulate; and it gets me moving.

Their latest album - "What Went Down" - was released in 2015 and ticks all my boxes, it is wonderfully expressive and decidedly outgoing ... with my favourite lyric featuring in the opener and title track:

"I fell for a girl with a Port Wine stain ... I knew her initials but not her name."

Not all the tracks are as ferociously upbeat and outgoing as the title track: "London Thunder" is a deliciously downbeat track, slow and atmospheric with the best interplay between the keys and guitar ... it builds into a broad wall-of-sound and is one of the highlights on "What Went Down" ... thoughtful & engaging, it is a delight.

"What Went Down" is a compelling album, one that rewards the listener when completed and repeated. If I were to list my favourites from 2015 it would feature.

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