Saturday, February 13, 2016

027 - “Sometimes” by Goldmund

I heard a track from “Sometimes” by Goldmund (aka Keith Kenniff aka Helios) on the All Songs Considered podcast and was knocked down by a wave of graceful elegance & exquisite beauty. I immediately stopped what I was doing (walking my dog Tinker in our neighbourhood) pulled out my iPhone and rewound the podcast so I could listen again.

"Sometimes" is a remarkable album: delicate melodies played on a piano that are backed by deep, engaging electronic ambience to create an absolutely stunning collection of tracks. These tracks enthral me as the listener, being both highly contemplative and gently romantic;

The title track - "Sometimes" - is exemplary: it is a cinematic masterpiece that could easily feature of the soundtrack to the latest character-drive Sundance-winner. Kenniff's use of strings is powerful, reminding me of Rhian Sheehan or earlier Sigur Rós. It was this track that inspired me to seek out the album ... I was not disappointed with the other unheard tracks.

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