Friday, February 5, 2016

022 - "25" by Adele

I love Adele.

There is something almost confessional about that statement, it's like I've admitted a deeply held secret for the first time. When you spend so long on the outer edges of music, it feels rather odd to be so enamoured with the music of someone so popular, so mainstream. But then I do love Coldplay so maybe it isn't so odd afterall.

I remember being told that there is only two types of music: good and bad ... and even that is relative to an individual.

You may not consider Adele to be good ... and I hope, for your sake, that you've developed this opinion by actually listening to her work ... but I do. And not for Adele's voice alone.

"25" ... Adele's third album, named after her age, is a delight. Her voice is amazing: not just technically proficient but with real feeling, Adele gets dynamics and knows how to make the most of her talent.

The musical accompaniment on 25 is first class: piano, guitar, percussion, backing vocals ... all work to complement and strengthen Adele's vocal delivery.

Adele doesn't do anything new on 25 but she does strengthen her position as one of the UK's preeminent female vocalists ... if not the world's.

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