Thursday, February 4, 2016

021 - "Disconnect" by Orbit Over Luna

When Shannon Penner aka Orbit Over Luna releases music ... I listen. His expressive form of ambient post-rock is my kind of expressive ambient post-rock. Penner has a way of creating and combining sounds that I love ... he is a craftsman and the craftsmanship of his output is evident for all to see.

Case in point is Penner's latest - "Disconnect" - a three-track EP that he released yesterday on Bandcamp. It delights me as only instrumental music does: it engages my attention and thrills me with each layer and every nuance. From the burst of heavy guitar on an otherwise chilled, banjo-laden opening track - "le bord de vision" - to the summery field recording that sets the scene on the second track - "sundog" - this EP has an attention to detail that doesn't disappoint.

Penner does save his best for last with "#fortheghosts" demonstrating his skill with the guitar. He has the most amazing tone when playing the guitar and this is evident on this track, especially when the percussion is removed and Penner can play ... just him and his guitar kicking back.

"Disconnect" is an exquisite EP that highlights Shannon Penner’s skill as a musician and is one I would recommend.

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