Wednesday, February 3, 2016

020 - "Across the Oceans" by The American Dollar

The American Dollar are consistent. When they release a new album, as they did recently with "Across the Oceans", you know what you'll get: wonderfully engaging downtempo instrumental music that is informed by a wide arrange of influences from jazz, soul & hip-hop to post-rock, ambient and even neoclassical sounds.

"Across the Oceans" doesn't surprise but it does entertain ... it is further addition to their signature sound: vibrant, outgoing electronica; a collection of tracks that feel fresh and new; tracks that extend rather than seek to evolve TAD's body of work.

From the opening track - "Mosaic" - the listener is bathed in glorious sound ... sounds that inspire rather than challenge like a familiar friend rather than a new acquaintance.

The American Dollar are a familiar friend and, with all familiar friends, I am uplifted and renewed by being with them.

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