Friday, January 29, 2016

016 - "Byzantium" by Javier Navarrete

The soundtrack for Byzantium by Javier Navarrete is as foreboding as the subject matter presented in the film: tense snippets of predominantly orchestral sound with elements of electronic manipulation and rock instrumentation that exude a deliciously dark atmosphere.

There are moments of pure elegance - "my mother", for example - where grandeur and spectacle overcome the pervasive sense of malevolence but, for the most part, this is a decidedly dark affair.

The repeated use of The Coventry Carol, both explicitly and as a motif, is a stroke of genius: using an already melancholic carol to create further tension is simply brilliant.

This is an excellent soundtrack, one that truly conveys the sense of mood that the film it backs requires. I will be investigating Javier Navarrete's back catalogue further.

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