Thursday, January 21, 2016

009 - "Gestalt" by The Impending Adorations

When a musician I follow on Bandcamp recommends another artist, I always check out their recommendations. "Gestalt" by The Impending Adorations, the electronica project of Paul McLaney, an Englishman based in New Zealand, was recommended by Rhian Sheehan. I didn't quite know what to expect from this 2012 album but was very impressed when I was able to dive into it. 

Found sounds work with woozy, laid back synth melodies and skittering electronic percussion to provide the basis for McLaney's vocals. His vocals are delicate, sensual and deliciously melancholic, which is in keeping with the soundscapes he presents. Think Charles Webster (Born on the 24th July) and you’ll get a sense of McLaney's vocal delivery. 

In many ways "Gestalt" shouldn't work: it would be too easy to be overwhelmed with too much going on but somehow McLaney keeps it all together. 

I am glad I followed the link. This is a cracking release. 

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