Thursday, January 14, 2016

003 - 095/100 - "Hyperborea" by Tangerine Dream

Before I stopped blogging back in July, 2015; I was attempting to undertake 100 posts with exactly 100 words. I want, six months on, to complete this task.


Hyperborea by Tangerine Dream came out of nowhere recently and surprised me big time. I am more a fan of their 70's output: Rubycon, Phaedra, etc. I always thought, wrongly it would appear, that their 80's output was a bit too "Streethawk" for my tastes. I was wrong with Hyperborea.

Hyperborea is filled with my kind of adventurous yet melodic electronic expression with sounds so ahead of their time that they still feel fresh today, over thirty years later.

I now need to reevaluate Tangerine Dream's later output and not be so bound to some unfounded conservative notion.

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