Wednesday, January 13, 2016

002 - Jeff Scott Townsend - One day I will wash upon the shore.

If you read yesterday's post you will be aware that I haven't updated my blog - - since July of last year. I spoke of losing my desire to write due to an external event that, in all honesty, needed more attention than I could realistically give.

The thing is, at the time, I felt overwhelmed. I was inundated with submissions and simply didn't have the time to commit to properly listening to all the music I was asked to consider.

There is way too much great music out there.

I didn't have enough left in me to give in the way of words of encouragement to musicians and artists and the like.

Recently, however, I've started writing again. I’ve started writing on the train to & from my work. I have approximately 20 minutes either way that I'm able to use productively. I am able to use this time to create, to write words that build others up regardless of whether the intended musician / artist actually reads what I have to say about their effort.

This morning I listened to a pre-mastered copy of Jeff Scott Townsend's latest album "one day I will wash upon the shore". Townsend had entrusted me with this early edit a few months ago to simply hear what I thought of his work. What an honour!?!

"One day I will wash upon the shore" is, quite simply, a modern classical masterpiece: hypnotic, pastoral, and elegant; it has a grace that I rarely hear these days ... an unhurried, self-assured beauty that is a pleasure to behold.

There is a scratchy quality to the recording that, in some strange way, adds a sense of timelessness to the piece. It's as if I've come across an old 78 while digging in the crates and struck gold.

Townsend's use of repeated vocal samples during the album has the potential to grate but it doesn't. He manages to use this technique in such a manner that it adds to the overall ambience of the piece, such is his skill and foresight.

I spoke yesterday about how I would feel in someway negligent if I didn't point to great music like this - this is an excellent album, an album that I want to champion, an album that deserves both my attention and my support. Townsend needs all the encouragement he can get, I hope my words are the first of many.

My thanks to Jeff Scott Townsend for his trust and for encouraging me, as Bowie's untimely death on Monday there, to metaphorically pick up my pen again.


Note: "One day I will wash upon the shore" is not out yet but I will endeavour to let you know when it is ... in the meantime, please check out his work including the exceptional "The Republic of Dreams":

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